Fun Times DJ was founded in 1998 by Don Wilson who had worked for two different DJ companies in the Chicago market.  After researching wedding dj's throughout the nation, Don realized that most DJ companies spent nearly no time or effort in asking important questions that would result in an a wedding that had anything to do with the bride and groom.  Still today, the DJ industry is filled with cheesy emcees with inflated egos and fake announcer voices who are delighted to play the Macarena or Chicken Dance.  The reason most DJ companies use props and cheesy jokes that they repeat every week is because without them they would have nothing!


Don believed he could create a DJ company that had a system in place to learn enough about a bride and groom to avoid the typical DJ antics.  Based on a Customer Needs Analysis from his cooporate job, Don began writing down questions to ask every couple.  The result was the Fun Times DJ Wedding Questionnaire, the basis and foundation of Fun Times DJ.


Because the Fun Times DJ Wedding Questionnaire is such a unique way of customizing weddings we are often sought out by brides and grooms who are specific about what they want and don't want for their reception.  The Questionnaire asks questions that a DJ need to know to achieve perfection at your wedding.  For instance, it asks..."Are there songs from previous relationships NOT to play?"  Understand that there are critical moments in a wedding that can make or break the entire event.  Doesn't it make since to trust your wedding with a company that takes the time to get to know you by asking important questions?  Call Fun Times DJ today, you deserve a perfect wedding day!


Fun Times DJ since 1998, "We Make Your Wedding Sound Like Your Wedding.


Meet Your DJs!

Paul wants to make your wedding fun!  He is pretty good on drums too!


Entertains for Fun Times DJ and on the airwaves at 102.3XLC.
During the week Dan is the Audio Production Director at 95 WIIL Rock.  He has been a Fun Times DJ since 2004.  He has a great voice and is ready to make your wedding fun!

Twenty years experience and the early afternoon host on 95 WIIL Rock.  Available with the Elite Package.

Founder of Fun Times DJ in 1998.  Wedding DJ since 1991 and a radio personality for 20 years.  You have heard him on 95 WIIL Rock, 102.3 XLC, 96.1 WLKG, FM106 and 99WMYX.

Loves to mix and has a natural personality that has made weddings fun since 2006.

Yes, he's that Tom from the 95 WIIL Rock morning show. Your guests will be blown away when you tell them who you got for your wedding.  Available with the Elite Package.  

Jason is the 7p-12a DJ on 102.3 WXLC and can make your guests dance!
Call today to schedule your DJ or a consultation. 847-406-DJDJ  Yes, wedding planning can be fun!