Q. Can we choose the music that gets played at our wedding?
A. Absolutely!  We make your wedding sound like your wedding. The Fun Times Wedding Questionnaire helps you be even more involved then you might think.  When we meet two months before your wedding you leave our office with confidence in your wedding.

Q. In case something goes wrong do you have back up equipment and DJ's?
A. Yes, when you visit Fun Times we will be able to show you our process for "just in case" situations.

Q. Can you supply music for our ceremony?
A. Sure, and at a fraction of the cost of live musicians.

Q. Will you allow requests?
A. Absolutely, we treat your friends and family with respect and will play their requests as long as it is consistent with your wishes that we discussed during your Music Meet. Two months before your wedding you plan your reception with a Fun Times DJ.

Q. What do you wear?

A. Suits are the most requested attire for weddings.

Q. Do we get to meet our DJ in advance of our wedding?
A. Yes, combine that with the Fun Times Wedding Planner and you discover why people who want a personalized wedding reception choose us.

Q. What makes you different?

A. We make wedding planning easy with the Fun Times Wedding Questionnaire!  It is filled with questions that allow us to make your wedding a reflection of you not the DJ.  You might notice we don't display the Fun Times Wedding Planner anywhere on our site. We want it to be used only for Fun Times customers. In reality no other DJ in America can personalize your wedding day as well as us because of it.


 Q. Are you full time?
A. Yes, it is a huge advantage when you are planning your wedding. It is hard to get the same service from someone who DJ's on the side or as a hobby.


Q. How do we reserve you for our wedding?
A. Just give us a call and we will schedule an appointment. Or, if you already know, we will send you a Performance Agreement along with a pre-stamped envelope for you to return your $300 retainer in.


Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Fun Times DJ was started by Don Wilson in 1998 after realizing that no one else in the country was taking the right steps to truly personalize weddings.


Q. Will you play a song that is on the Do Not Play List if enough people ask for it?

A. No.  We simply say it is on the No Play list so we didn’t bring it.